Specification Analysis

Large, complex specifications for a complex physical or abstract construct is a good illustration of where humans can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of detail. Sometimes you don’t want to activate the knowledge in a document – just get it right, free of errors and inconsistencies. A good example of a simple instruction being not so simple for the subconscious mind, is Lane Following.

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Our Approach

Our approach is to turn the specification into an active working model – that is, the words are turned into pieces of machinery that are connected together and operate according to their exact meaning in the document – a semantic structure.

This structure (or a somewhat simplified version of it) then sits over the description of an individual task and the components on which the task operates, and forms the rationale of the task, enough so when the task cannot be performed exactly as detailed, its interactions with other tasks and any deviation from its successful completion can be understood. If necessary, the task can be changed with commands in English that reference elements of the system, including elements found by the system’s own fault-finding.


General Purpose AGI Tool

Active Structure is a powerful, deliberately General Purpose AGI tool, suitable for Government, banks, large corporations, and we wouldn’t wish to get into security issues with a particular client. We would need to work through an interface of a contractor or consultant whom we would train, to avoid issues of confidentiality.

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